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Quality from A-Z

It's the inside that counts 

The water factory where our SIII products are bottled and produced is located in the infrastructurally great location of Helsingborg, Gothenburg and Malmö. The factory is located on the banks of the beautiful river Nissan, surrounded by wooded hills, from which the Mared spring flows directly into the factory and gives us the good production possibilities. The water clearly has the exceptional quality we expect in Scandinavia. 

In our modern times, water is the world's largest and most important resource, but good and healthy water is not a given in many of the world's countries.

Today, 1.42 billion people, including 450 million children, live in areas of high or extremely high water vulnerability. Less than 3 percent of the world's water resources are fresh water, and it's only getting less.


The factory at the Mared source has a high focus on the quality of the water supplied and is concerned that everyone should have access to clean water.


In Norway, Gustav Pedersen AS is an importer of Siii water. 

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