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Consumer goods

NorEngros Gustav Pedersen AS is Southern Norway's largest supplier of consumables to the private and public sector. 


Up until today, NorEngros Gustav Pedersen AS has not delivered bottled water to our customers and has therefore chosen to do something about this. Our unique bottles with their 0.33ml size/quantity in as many as 7 varieties are something we are proud to be able to offer our regular and new business customers in the future.


Whether you want to pick up in store yourself or get a fixed delivery every week from us is part of what we offer in the same way as with all our other products inNorEngros.


We look forward to being able to supply your company with a good and healthy natural flavored water that not only looks great, but also tastes fantastic as a healthy alternative to soft drinks for your employees and visitors in the future.  


Order today too!

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